CTS 500K Potentiometer - Full Size - Short/Split Shaft - Audio Taper - Bulk Lot of Ten(10X) - 450S

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Bulk Lot of Ten (10X) CTS 500K  full size, short/split, knurled shaft, audio taper potentiometer.   Aluminum bushing and shaft.  15% Tolerance. Each pot comes with nut, lock & dress washer.  These are short-shaft pots (threaded bushing is 3/8" tall X 3/8" diameter), sized for USA-made guitars.  The potentiometers are manufactured for The Art Of Tone (TAOT) by CTS.  These pots are generally equivalent to the 500K pots distributed by Allparts as part # # EP 086   Note:  This part is sized for USA-made guitars.  If you purchase this for an import guitar, the openings will need to be enlarged to 3/8" diameter.  Do not use short shaft pots if your guitar has a control plate.  As a general rule Les Paul's made before 1977 will use short-shaft pots, but please double check before you order as returns are not excepted for this item.


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    CTS 500k audio taper pots

    Posted by Mathews Guitar Works on 20th May 2023

    CTS audio taper pots are the gold standard for potentiometers in guitar circuits. These are excellent pots. I use them in all my stock spec harnesses that use short shaft pots. I’ve used hundreds of these pots over the years in custom wiring harnesses and only had 2 fail. That’s speaks volumes about the quality and durability of CTS products. These last a long time and have a decent tolerance range for a standard spec pot. I prefer brass shaft pots in my builds but thats just a personal preference and the only reason these get a 4 out of 5. Use these with confidence in all your builds.