Les Paul®

Wiring kits designed with your Gibson Les Paul® in mind 

All of our Les Paul® kits contain only quaility name brand parts such as, 450G or 450S CTS pots, switchcraft switches and jacks, genuine Gavitt vintage-correct two-strand exterior braided shield wire and quailty Orange Drop, Russian K40Y-9, or New Old Stock USA-made paper in oil caps. 

As a general rule Les Paul's® with control plates (generally production Les Paul's® manufactured in 1977 or later) will use CTS long shaft pots, Les Paul's® without control plates (generally Les Paul's® manufactured prior to 1977) will use the CTS short shaft pots.  All Gibson® historic reissues will use the CTS short shaft pots.  There are certain exceptions to this rule, for instance Les Paul Studios® use long shaft pots regardless of the year they were made, so it's always good to pop the cover of the cavity and double check before ordering.

Of course all of our kits come with a wiring diagram.  Our diagrams use the modern wiring configuration, based on my own playing experiencing i think this configuration is superior to 50's wiring. 

Why buy our kits?  You'll find that all of the components in our kit are name brand quality components.  Contrary to some discussion you may hear, you can customize specs on pots.  You'll find our pots are tighter tolerance and closer to the 500K spec. than most of our competitors.  All of the wiring kits you purchase from our website contain 5% tolerance pots.