Set of 4 (4X) CTS TAOT Custom 525K Potentiometers - SHORT SPLIT Knurled Shaft - Audio Taper - 10% Tolerance - 500K

The Art Of Tone
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 4X (Lot of 4) CTS Custom Spec'd 525K short/split, knurled shaft, audio taper potentiometers.  We're are pleased to offer our own custom branded and spec'd pots manufactured by CTS.  These are identical in construction to CTS's high quality 450G series pots, but we spec'd them at 525K.  At 10% tolerance the value of these pots can range from 475K to 575K, and the majority of these pots will be in the 500K to 550K range.  This means no exceptionally low or high resistance pots that can be found when using a typical 20% tolerance 500K pots.  We're very pleased with these pots and think you will be too! 525K Ohms/10% Tolerance (Value can range from 475K to 575K) Audio Taper Bakelite base plate Solid brass c-clip reinforced shaft Solid brass bushing 3/8-32 US thread 3/8" (short shaft) bushing height Split, fine 24-tooth knurled shaft 1/4" diameter shaft Each pot comes with hardware - nut, dress washer and lock washer Requires 3/8" diameter mounting hole Pot is maufactured and branded by CTS specifically for The Art Of Tone (TAOT), Part # 450S525K TAOT. Note: 1.  If you are uncertain whether your guitar uses short (3/8") or long (3/4") shaft  pots, as a general rule this pot will fit most USA-made Gibson Les Paul's manufactured before 1977 excluding Les Paul Studios, and will fit historic reissues, but  please double check before you order. 2. Make sure to pinch the tip of the shaft before you try fitting a knob, this will avoid getting knobs stuck before you install the pot.  If you've ever had that happen...