Set of Four (4X) CTS 500K PUSH/PULL SHORT (3/8") SPLIT SHAFT AUDIO TAPER POTS - 10% Tolerance

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Four (4X) CTS 500K SHORT SPLIT knurled shaft audio taper push/pull potentiometers - dpdt (double pull/double throw). This pot allows you to do wiring modifications to your guitar without having to modify the body. Used for coil splitting, coil tapping and phase shifting. This a short shaft pot (threaded bushing is 3/8" tall & 3/8" diameter, shaft is .236"diameter). 10% Tolerance.  Pot is manufactured by CTS.  Note:1.  If you are uncertain whether your guitar uses short (3/8") or long (3/4") shaft  pots, as a general rule this pot will fit most production Gibson Les Paul's manufactured before 1977, historic reissues, PRS & Hamer guitars, but  please double check before you order. 2. Not sized for guitars using metric components, requires 3/8" mounting hole.   3. Requires approximately 1-1/4" cavity depth. 4. Make sure to pinch the tip of the shaft before you try fitting a knob, this will avoid getting knobs stuck before you install the pot.  If you've ever had that happen...