30 Feet (10-white/10-black/10-yellow) Gavitt Cloth-covered Pre-tinned 7-strand Pushback 22awg Vintage-style Guitar Wire

The Art Of Tone
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The Art of Tone vintage style cloth covered wire manufactured by Gavitt. 30 feet total, 10 feet each of black, white & yellow.  Wire is 22 awg stranded and pre-tinned for easy soldering and workability.  Cloth jacket has a waxed cotton outer braid and a Celanese inner braid.  This is the good stuff for wiring or rewiring your guitar.  Much easier to work with than solid core when you are trying to solder to a pot or lug.  White & Yellow are hot (Yellow is used for the middle pickup), Black is typically used for ground. 30-foot total length - 10-foot length of black, and 10-foot length of white, and 10-foot length of yellow.