We offer a wide array of potentiometers to fit your needs.  All of our pots are manufactured by either Bourns or CTS.  CLICK ON A SPECIFIC CATEGORY OR BRAND TO FIND YOUR POT.

CTS or Bourns 500k pots are typically used with Gibson Les Paul's(R), PRS, or other Humbucker equipped guitars.  Long shaft (3/4" bushing height) for guitars using a control plate, short shaft (3/8" bushing length) for guitars where pots mount through the body.  If you are uncertain whether you guitar uses long or short shaft pots, as a general rule Gibson Les Pauls made after 1977, excluding historic reissues, use long shaft pots.  There are certain exceptions so please double check before you order. 

250K pots are typically used with Fender Stratocaster's and Tele's, or other types of guitars using single coil pickups.  Through pick guard mount will use a CTS short shaft pot (with a 1/4" bushing height), Bourns or CTS short shaft (3/8" bushing) should be used with a through body mount.

Almost all of our CTS pots are either 450G or TAOT CUSTOMS .  450G series are potentiometers CTS designs specifically for use in guitars.  In most instances there is no physical difference between our TAOT CUSTOMS AND the 450G. We custom spec a number of our CTS products to give you a better more usable pot much closer to specification than most of our competitors and a fraction of the cost.  We also offer a CTS 525K pot.  Why 525K?  At 10% tolerance the value of these CTS pots can range from 475K to 575K, and the majority of these pots will be much closer to the 525K spec.  This means no exceptionally low or high resistance pots that can be found when using typical 20% tolerance 500K pots, or even 500K pots at 10% tolerance.  We're very pleased with these pots and think you will be too!

We offer a vintage taper option for both CTS 250K & 500K pots.  Best described as a hybrid between standard audio and linear taper, these pots give greater rate of change across the sweep of the pot.  These are best suited for use as volume controls.  

Want to mod your guitar? Check out the Bourns made push pulls, double pull double throw (DPDT) Pots.  These pots allow you to do coil splitting, coil tapping or phase shifting without physical modification to your guitar.

Bourns potentiometers use a coarse spline shaft.  CTS uses a fine spline.  If you are swapping bourns for CTS or vice versa you will probably need to purchase new knobs as well

Particular about specifications? Check out our 5% tolerance, matched sets and custom spec. CTS 525K pots.

Please Note! - For all standard audio taper pots, we recommend using the modern wiring configuration to achieve the best possible taper.