Bourns 500K Audio Taper Potentiometer - SHORT SPLIT Knurled Shaft - Low Friction Rotation

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1X Bourns 500K SHORT split shaft audio taper potentiometer - low friction rotation..  Bourns are a nice quality alternative to CTS pots.  These audio taper pots are suitable for both tone and volume controls. Some of the features of this pot are:  500K Ohms/15% Tolerance Low Friction Rotation Audio Taper Solid brass 3/8" (short shaft) bushing Split, 18-tooth coarse knurl, .236" diameter shaft Each pot comes with hardware - 2 nuts & dress washer Requires 3/8" diameter mounting hole Note:1.  This pot is not suitable for us with import guitars.2.  This pot has a 3/8" bushing.  When installing on a Strat or other through pickguard mount use the second nut as a spacer under the pickguard.  This will ensure that your knobs are seated close to the body, or will allow the pot to match pots using a 1/4" bushing.