Bulk Lot of Eight (8X) CTS TAOT CUSTOM 500K Vintage Audio Taper LONG Split Shaft Pot - 10% Tolerance

The Art Of Tone
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Bulk Lot of Eight (8X) CTS  500K Audio Full Size Long, split, knurled shaft Vintage taper potentiometers. Great choice for volume controls, superior to the standard 10% audio taper pots. These are our TAOT CUSTOM series equivalent to CTS's high quality 450G series potentiometers made specifically for guitars  30% taper (vintage-style taper)  10% tolerance High quality solid brass shaft and bushing Flat back case C-Clip reinforced shaft   Each pot comes with hardware - 2 nuts, lock & dress washer. These are long shaft pots. Threaded bushing is 3/4" tall X 3/8" diameter. Shaft is .236" in diameter with a fine 24 tooth spline. Requires a 3/8" mounting hole. Pot is manufactured by CTS for The Art Of Tone - Part # TAOT-450S-500KXL-VT While not identical, these pots specifications are comparable to pots being marketed as "True Vintage Taper (TVT)" and "Super Pots"    Note:  If you are uncertain whether your guitar uses short (3/8") or long (3/4") shaft  pots.   As a general rule Les Paul's built after 1977 excluding the historic reissues use long shaft potentiometers, but please double check your guitar before you order.  If your guitar is an import it has metric pots and the openings will require modification to accommodate this pot. Know what you are purchasing.  What does 10% tolerance mean?  It means this pot spec'd to 500K pot can have a reading between 450K and 550K and be within tolerance.  Many CTS pots being sold where tolerance isn't specified are actually 20% tolerance, which means a 500K pot could have a reading anywhere between 400K and 600K and be considered within tolerance.