.015uf/400v K75-12 - New Old Stock Russian - Paper in Oil (K40Y-9)

The Art Of Tone
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  1X K75-12 .015uF 400V New Old Stock Russian (NOS) Military Surplus Paper in Oil (PIO) capacitor.   The K75-12 are high quality PIO capacitors made for Russian military.  Caps are hermetically sealed in a metal case with glass sealed ends.   How does the K75-12 differ from a K40Y-9?   It is similar to K40Y-9 in case construction, foil electrodes, and oil impregnation, but K40Y-9 has 100% paper dielectric, whereas K75-12 has hybrid dielectric.  For purposes of a guitar circuit the tonal quality is very similar at a better price point.   These capacitors are ideal for the neck position Humbucker.   Use the .015 in the neck pickup and pair with a .022 in the bridge pickup in a Les Paul, and you've got the combination that Clapton used in his SG that made the "woman tone" vibe he was famous for during his Cream days.     Great way to improve the tone of your guitar, or for use in other audio applications.