PAIR (2X) Bourns 500K Potentiometers - Short Split Shaft - Coarse Knurl - Push/Pull (DPDT)

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PAIR (2X) Bourns 500K SHORT Push/Pull split shaft audio taper potentiometers.   Double Pull Double Throw Push/Pull Switch allows for Coil Splitting, Coil Tapping, Phase Inversions and other mods. Some of the features of this pot are: 500K Ohms/15% Tolerance Audio Taper Double Pole - Double Throw (DPDT), Push/Pull Switch Solid brass 3/8" (short shaft) bushing Split, coarse 18-tooth, knurled, .236" diameter shaft Each pot comes with hardware - nut & dress washer Requires 3/8" diameter mounting hole Note:1.  If you are uncertain whether your guitar uses short (3/8") or long (3/4") shaft  pots, as a general rule this pot will fit most USA-made Gibson Les Paul's manufactured before 1977 excluding Les Paul Studios, and will fit historic reissues, but  please double check before you order.2. Make sure to pinch the tip of the shaft before you try fitting a knob, this will avoid getting knobs stuck before you install the pot.  If you've ever had that happen.. 3. Has a coarse spline shaft. This means if you are replacing CTS or other pots that use a fine spline shaft you will likely need to replace the knobs. 4. Requires a cavity depth of 1.05".